Ostrich Feather Sequin Jacket from Sequin Saturday: Roux La La Sequin Duster with Ostrich Feather Trim


This customizable Roux La La Sequin Duster with grey ostrich feather boa trim at the sleeves is absolutely gorgeous. The texture of the sequin fabric changes the color of the sequin jacket from silver to rose gold with movement. The fabric is amazing.

This custom creation is tailored specifically to your measurements or is made in the one size cut that easily works with size 4 to 14.

Each Sequin Saturday Sequin Duster is Individually and Custom Made according to our customers unique measurement specifications. Once you order your jacket, we will be in touch with you to ensure it’s made for you and your body.

Silver and Rose Gold Moving Sequin Fabric. Light grey ostrich feather sleeve trim.

Wowza. This ostrich feather sequin duster in rose gold and silver is absolutely amazing. You should consider it a collectors piece in your closet. The texture on the sequin fabric changes the color from rose gold to silver. The sleeves of the duster have beautiful grey ostrich feather boa trim.

This customizable creation is tailored specifically to your measurements. It is made in the one size cut that easily works with size 4 to 14.  The ostrich feather sequin jacket is custom made according to desired length. If you are larger than a size 14, we can work with you to create a jacket that will work for your body.

As each piece from Sequin Saturday is individually crafted by hand, please allow up to 4 weeks for delivery.

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32" Mini Length, 34" Mini Length, 38" Knee Length, 40" Knee Length, 47" Mid Calf Length, 50" Mid-Calf Length


30" Bust, 31" Bust, 32" Bust, 33" Bust, 34" Bust, 35" Bust, 36" Bust, 37" Bust, 38" Bust, 39" Bust, 40" Bust, 41" Bust, 42" Bust, 43" Bust, 44" Bust, 45" Bust, 46" Bust, 47" Bust, 48" Bust, 49" Bust, 50" Bust, 51" Bust, 52"Bust


23" Waist, 24" Waist, 25" Waist, 26" Waist, 27" Waist, 28" Waist, 29" Waist, 30" Waist, 31" Waist, 32" Waist, 33" Waist, 34" Waist, 35" Waist, 36" Waist, 37" Waist, 38" Waist, 39" Waist, 40" Waist, 41" Waist, 42" Waist, 43" Waist, 44" Waist, 45" Waist, 46" Waist


32" Hips, 33" Hips, 34" Hips, 35" Hips, 36" Hips, 37" Hips, 38" Hips, 39" Hips, 40" Hips, 41" Hips, 42" Hips, 43" Hips, 44" Hips, 45" Hips, 46" Hips, 47" Hips, 48" Hips, 49" Hips, 50" Hips, 51" Hips, 52" Hips, 53" Hips, 54" Hips, 55" Hips, 56" Hips

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