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It’s Sequin Saturday! Can You Handle The Compliments? Sequin Saturday by Jennifer Risey is all about forever fashion and designing customizable caftans and jackets customers can cherish. Sequin Saturday is about looking good and feeling great in what you are wearing. Let us be your partner in making that happen! Don’t just say Thank You! Say, “It’s SEQUIN SATURDAY!”


Sequin Saturday by Jennifer Risey: Customizable Caftans For Every Woman

Meet Jennifer

It all started with the desire to create the perfect silk customizable caftan… Jennifer Risey is the founder of Sequin Saturday and has an affinity for pink and green, sparkles, and dressing up.

Customizable Silk Caftan Jen Dress

Customizable Silk Caftans From Sequin Saturday

The story behind the creation of the our collection is one rooted in Virginia, where Jennifer was raised and attended college. This is the story about how Jennifer created The Jen Dress customizable silk caftan in Connells Silk…

Jennifer was going to a concert with friends from college, and she didn’t want to wear a pair of white jeans and a tank with sandals which had become the standard uniform for Atlanta. She had found a really cool blue silk fabric she had initially planned to make into a one size caftan, but after making it decided the caftan could be improved by giving some definition in the chest area, and waist area. Then she added pockets. Knowing all bodies are not the same, Jennifer decided to embark on designing and creating customizable caftans in silk and sequin! Caftans can be designed according to neckline specifications, embellishment desires, and length. The rest is history.

Get ready for strangers coming up to you saying, “I LOVE YOUR DRESS! Don’t just say Thank You! Say, “It’s Sequin Saturday!”

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Customizable caftans

The Leisha Dress is a Met-Worthy Customizable Caftan

The Leisha Dress was inspired by Jennifer’s bestie and is based on a one shoulder silk caftan. Depending on the fabric used, the Leisha Dress can be the perfect pool coverup (if made in a washable poly) or if it is made in a silk scarf like fabric is very close to a Met-Worthy gown. Currently it is featured and available as either a knee length or maxi length options with ability to accentuate the waist or leave it as an open scarf like silk caftan.

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The Leisha Dress by Sequin Saturday

Sequin Saturday by Jennifer Risey


By Jennifer Risey


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