Silk Sheath Dress: Roux La La Caftan from Sequin Saturday by Jennifer Risey


Silk Sheath Dress: Sequin Saturday Roux La La Silk Dress in Red Connells

The Sequin Saturday Roux La La Dress in Red or Blue Connells Silk is available in Multi-Size options according to your measurements.

This Roux La La Style features is a round neckline with column straight definition between the bust and the hips using a 48″ straight cut without accenting the waistline. Shown in Knee Length.

Neckline Available: Round, Boatneck, V-Neck, or Split-Neck.

Silk Sheath Dress: Roux La La Caftan in Connells Print from Sequin Saturday by Jennifer Risey

Silk Sheath Dress Sequin Saturday

We took the basic silk sheath dress with a rounded neckline and made it in the Connells silk print, but in red.  The cut of the luxury silk dress by Sequin Saturday is in Roux La La.  This one has a rounded neckline defined by the bust and hips, with no waist highlight. Roux La La Caftans are cut to be roomy with a ONE SIZE 48″ Bust and Hip Line.

If customized to knee length, it becomes more functional for a business dinner out or a luncheon with girlfriends. This is a silk dress you can wear to church or a special occasion.

Like all of the dresses by Sequin Saturday, this dress is comfortable. Available in Red or Blue Connells Silk, or Black Coral.

Luxury Silk Sheath Caftan Dress from Sequin Saturday

Each Sequin Saturday caftan is individually made according to the custom measurements. The silk sheath dress shown in “Roux La La” caftan style is designed to bring some emphasis to the bust, but is more of a straight caftan style without the excess caftan fabric.

  • Sheerness: None.
  • Model height: 5’11” (Model is wearing Knee Length)
  • Available In Knee, Maxi, Floor and Floor Tall.
  • Neckline: Round, Boatneck, or can Customize to V-Neck or Split Neck options.
  • Fabric: Red and White Silk in the Connells print.
  • Also Available in Blue Connells Silk print.
  • Available in One Size  across all lengths.

Wear this luxury silk dress to a festive party, a luncheon, or a cocktail party event.

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Pink Sequin Caftan
Pink Sequin Caftan by Sequin Saturday

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Dimensions N/A

40" Knee Length, 54" Maxi Length, 60" Floor Length, 63" Floor Tall Length


, ,


6" V-Neck, 8" V-Neck, Round Neck, Boatneck, Split Neck




30" Bust, 31" Bust, 32" Bust, 33" Bust, 34" Bust, 35" Bust, 36" Bust, 37" Bust, 38" Bust, 39" Bust, 40" Bust, 41" Bust, 42" Bust


32" Hips, 33" Hips, 34" Hips, 35" Hips, 36" Hips, 37" Hips, 38" Hips, 39" Hips, 40" Hips, 41" Hips, 42" Hips, 43" Hips, 44" Hips, 45" Hips, 46" Hips, 47" Hips, 48" Hips

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