PREORDER Mardi Gras Caftan: Sequin Saturday Caftan Dress


PREORDER! Sequin Saturday Caftan Dress: Mardi Gras Caftan. FREE SHIPPING!

PREORDER The Sequin Saturday Caftan Dress: Mardi Gras in silk brocade is available across all lengths as One Size, but “customized” online using hip and bust measurements..

The caftan has accentuated definition between the arms and hips using your bust and hip measurements.

Neckline: Available in Boatneck, 6″ V-Neck, or 8″ V-Neck.

Pre-Order to Guarantee your Mardi Gras Caftan by Christmas! Free Shipping on PreOrders. Use Coupon Code “MardiGrasPreOrder”. We shut down for Mardi Gras so order now as quantities are limited.

PREORDER Mardi Gras Caftan in Silk Brocade  

Sequin Saturday Caftan Dress by Jennifer Risey

Alleluia! My favorite brocade is now available in your favorite Mardi Gras colors of Purple, Green and Gold! Pre Order This One to be sure you will get it. This Sequin Saturday Caftan Dress: Mardi Gras Caftan can only be described as elegant AND beautiful AND stunning. Most of all it’s comfortable enough to dance on the Neutral Ground, around your kitchen or drink wine on your back patio on a Saturday afternoon, but appropriate enough to wear to a Mardi Gras ball.

I created the Sequin Saturday caftan dress after a trip to New Orleans. I was inspired to search for sequin fabric in the Atlanta area. I found a distributor of fabric. We were heading into the summer months in Atlanta so my need for a daily sequin wardrobe is on pause. I postponed releasing a sequin caftan collection. This caftan will be made in the same style as The Sweet Briar Caftan, but will be in the Mardi Gras Fabric.  This caftan isn’t a sheet of fabric you throw over your head. The arms of the fabric are defined with accent to your hips/chest.

  • Sheerness: Wear a nude slip,  or cami and spandex leggings or shorts
  • Model height: 5’11” (Wearing Floor Tall in the Sweet Briar Print for style)
  • Available In Mini, Knee, Maxi, Floor and Floor Tall.
  • Neckline: Available in Boatneck, 6″ V-Neck, 8″ V-Neck
  • Fabric: 100% Silk Brocade
  • Available in Customized One Size across all lengths. We will use bust and hip measurement to make sure your caftan doesn’t feel like you are wearing a pillow case.

Pre-Order the Sequin Saturday Caftan Dress: Mardi Gras Caftan in purple, green and gold before it sells out, and the fabric is no longer available.

I’m wearing this Sequin Saturday Caftan Dress: Mardi Gras on Sequin Saturday!”

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32" Mini Length, 34" Mini Length, 38" Knee Length, 40" Knee Length, 47" Mid Calf Length, 50" Mid-Calf Length, 54" Maxi Length, 60" Floor Length, 63" Floor Tall Length


6" V-Neck, 8" V-Neck, Boatneck




30" Bust, 31" Bust, 32" Bust, 33" Bust, 34" Bust, 35" Bust, 36" Bust, 37" Bust, 38" Bust, 39" Bust, 40" Bust, 41" Bust, 42" Bust, 43" Bust, 44" Bust, 45" Bust, 46" Bust, 47" Bust, 48" Bust, 49" Bust, 50" Bust, 51" Bust, 52"Bust


32" Hips, 33" Hips, 34" Hips, 35" Hips, 36" Hips, 37" Hips, 38" Hips, 39" Hips, 40" Hips, 41" Hips, 42" Hips, 43" Hips, 44" Hips, 45" Hips, 46" Hips, 47" Hips, 48" Hips, 49" Hips, 50" Hips, 51" Hips, 52" Hips, 53" Hips, 54" Hips, 55" Hips, 56" Hips

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