The Jen Dress: Silk Caftan Green With Envy


The Silk Caftan Jen Dress: Green With Envy

  • BAcK IN STOCK!!!
  • Sheerness: YES! Wear a nude colored knee length slip underneath
  • Pockets: YES!
  • Model height: 5’11”
  • Length: 63″ Tall (Available in Maxi, Floor, Floor Tall)
  • Neckline: 6″ V-Neck, 8″ V-Neck, Split-Neck
  • Fabric: 100% Silk
  • Dry Clean

The Silk Caftan Jen Dress: In Green With Envy.

The Jen Dress started it all. The perfect silk caftan dress in the most feminine form. Flowy, comfortable with pockets. V-Neck. Floor length, maxi, or knee, the choice is up to you.

I chose this fabric that I call “Green With Envy” not really knowing what I was going to create with it, and I am so glad that I made it into The Jen Dress.  It is without a doubt my most favorite dress ever . I have worn this particular silk caftan Jen Dress to church, to an evening concert at an amphitheater, out to dinner, and to a rehearsal dinner for a wedding. All I can say is if you need an ego boost, wear this silk caftan Jen Dress and get ready for the compliments! The fabric is exquisite! It’s the most beautiful shade of light green with hints of pink and a touch of leopard. It is sheer, so throw on a short nude body slip underneath, but boy is it gorgeous. It packs perfectly into any suitcase for a weekend away, and is the same volume in your bag as a delicate silk scarf.

Summer wedding, concert date in a park, rehearsal dinner, date night, beach wedding, dinner with the girlfriends or evening at the country club. Get ready to meet your new best friend.

Any way you decide, the Silk Caftan Jen Dress: Green With Envy is as elegant as it gets.

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Weight 6 oz

6" V-Neck, 8" V-Neck, Split Neck


30" Bust, 31" Bust, 32" Bust, 33" Bust, 34" Bust, 35" Bust, 36" Bust, 37" Bust, 38" Bust, 39" Bust, 40" Bust, 41" Bust, 42" Bust, 43" Bust, 44" Bust, 45" Bust, 46" Bust, 47" Bust, 48" Bust, 49" Bust, 50" Bust, 51" Bust, 52"Bust


23" Waist, 24" Waist, 25" Waist, 26" Waist, 27" Waist, 28" Waist, 29" Waist, 30" Waist, 31" Waist, 32" Waist, 33" Waist, 34" Waist, 35" Waist, 36" Waist, 37" Waist, 38" Waist, 39" Waist, 40" Waist, 41" Waist, 42" Waist, 43" Waist, 44" Waist, 45" Waist, 46" Waist


32" Hips, 33" Hips, 34" Hips, 35" Hips, 36" Hips, 37" Hips, 38" Hips, 39" Hips, 40" Hips, 41" Hips, 42" Hips, 43" Hips, 44" Hips, 45" Hips, 46" Hips, 47" Hips, 48" Hips, 49" Hips, 50" Hips, 51" Hips, 52" Hips, 53" Hips, 54" Hips, 55" Hips, 56" Hips


55" Caftan Floor Length, 60" Floor Length, 63" Floor Tall Length

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