The Jen Dress: Italian Jersey Vine


The Jen Dress in Italian Jersey is REALLY Comfortable and has pockets. Can wear to the office.

The Italian jersey fabric is very stretchy, so this one can run on the large side.

The Jen Dress in Italian Jersey from Sequin Saturday by Jennifer Risey.

The perfect dress in the most feminine form. This version of The Jen Dress in Italian Jersey Vine only comes in Maxi because of the fabric grain and repeat. The colors are a creamy white, beige, navy blue and a smokey grey.  It is comfortable and has pockets. V-Neck variations include 6″ V-Neck, 8″ V-Neck and a Split Collar V-Neck. The Italian Jersey Vine is available in maxi length only.

Feels like butter.

The Jen Dress in Italian Jersey feels like butter against your skin. Throw it in the wash, throw it in your suitcase but this is an everyday dress you can wear to work.

When ordering we ask you to confirm your bust measurements to confirm sizing.

  • Sheerness: none
  • Has pockets.
  • Can wear to work
  • Model height: 5’11”
  • Length: Maxi Only
  • Neckline Variations: 6″ V-Neck, 8″ V-Neck, Split Collar V-Neck
  • Fabric: Italian Jersey
  • Machine Wash, Hang Dry.


Download A Free Measuring Tape Here


6" V-Neck, 8" V-Neck, Split Neck

Bra Band Size

28" Bra Band, 30" Bra Band, 32" Bra Band, 34" Bra Band, 36" Bra Band, 38" Bra Band, 40" Bra Band, 42" Bra Band, 44" Bra Band, 46" Bra Band

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32" Hips, 33" Hips, 34" Hips, 35" Hips, 36" Hips, 37" Hips, 38" Hips, 39" Hips, 40" Hips, 41" Hips, 42" Hips, 43" Hips, 44" Hips, 45" Hips, 46" Hips, 47" Hips, 48" Hips


XSmall, Small, Medium, Large, XLarge


54" Maxi Length

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